Notebook Cooler


Iron mesh + plastic material, durable, excellent heat dissipation, with a strong cooling system
1+4 super fan system
With a 12cm fan plus four of 7cm small fan to ensure that all angles of the notebook heat evenly
Using the surface of the large metal punch space network,the three-dimensional non-slip V-shaped structure of non-slip surface,place objects easily heat does not slip
Power switch design
Side with the power switch,to freely control the switching of the radiator according to the temperature conditions,and to maintain the power saving mode

Product Dimensions: 360 * 277 * 50 mm
Fan Size:                       120 * 120 * 25 mm (1 big fan)
                                        70 * 70 * 14 mm (4 small fans)        
Rated voltage:              5VDC
Input Power:                 1.75W
Fan Speed​​:                   1000~1500RPM (1 big fan)
                                        1800~2000RPM (4 small fans)